1.  This scheme is called the Student Health Services Scheme of Islamic Science University of Malaysia


 2.  The scheme specifies the medical and dental facilities funded by the University for students as well as the administration method relating thereto.


 3.   The provisions of this Scheme apply to all eligible students unless otherwise specified in the student conditions of admission.


4.   As used in this scheme, the following words shall have the meanings set forth below unless the context otherwise clearly requires:

     4.1 'Panel Doctor' means a qualified medical practitioner who works in a Panel Clinic;

     4.2 'Government Hospital' means any Government Hospital in Malaysia including University Hospitals, Government Clinic, Federal Medical Foundation and National Population and Family Development Board Centre;

     4.3 'Panel Clinic' means a medical centre, clinic or those appointed by the University to provide treatment to students according to this scheme including the Health Clinic of USIM;

     4.4 'University's Authority' means the University's Board of Directors, Senate, Faculty, Centre, Institute, Academic Committee, Selection Committee, Student Welfare Committee and other bodies specified by the Statute as the University's Authority;

     4.5 'Student' means a University student who is eligible to receive the benefits of medical and dental services in accordance with paragraph 5;

     4.6 'This Scheme' means the Student Health Services Scheme of the University;

     4.7 'Medical Committee' means a Committee established on the order of the University's Authority to consider and make recommendation for medical cases.  The Medical Committee shall consist of not less than 2 registered and accredited medical practitioners appointed as members. At least one of the appointed Medical Committee member should have a specific qualification to advice about the ailment suffered by the student referred;

     4.8 'University' means Islamic Science University of Malaysia 



5. Students who are eligible for benefits under this scheme are as follows:

     5.1 All full-time students who are already enrolled and pursuing academic courses for the first degree (undergraduate).

     5.2 All full time students who are pursuing postgraduate study.

     5.3 Any other students as specified by the Vice Chancellor.


6.  Each student included in this Scheme will be charged as follows:

     6.1 Local students will be charged a fee of RM50.00 per semester.

     6.2 International students will be charged a fee of RM100.00 per semester.



7.1 Types of services provided under this scheme are as follows:

     7.1.1  Outpatient treatment at the University's Panel Clinic; and

     7.1.2  Inpatient treatment at a Government Hospital and University Hospital.


7.2 This scheme does not include medical care required during childbirth and any related treatments and examinations before and after it. Students whose registration status is suspended are also not included in this Scheme.



 8. Outpatient treatment is as follows:

      8.1 Provided at the University's Panel Clinic including during short breaks between semesters but excluding long breaks and any fees incurred will be borne by this Scheme.

      8.2 Provided only at the USIM's Health Clinic during long breaks.

 9.   When the University's Panel Clinic is closed, treatment for cases of emergency or accident is available at the nearest Government Hospital and expenses will be covered by this Scheme.

10.   Expenses for the treatment of patients in their homes (house calls) are not covered by this Scheme.



11. Inpatient treatment is as follows:

     11.1 Hospital charges for any student will only be borne by this Scheme if the student is admitted to the Hospital on the advice of the University's Panel Doctor. Certification/guarantee letter from the University will only be issued by the Official concerned after the letter of admission by the University's Panel Doctor is presented to the Official stating that the student need to be hospitalised for treatment and observation.

     11.2 Exception to the rule in the paragraph above may only be allowed in emergency situations and a guarantee letter shall be issued to the Hospital by the party concerned as soon as possible.

     11.3.    International Students are encouraged to use medical Insurance card to receive treatment in private Hospitals.

12.     A student is only allowed to receive a maximum of Second Class Ward treatment in Government Hospitals or University Hospitals.

13.    These hospital expenses will only be covered by this Scheme for a total period of not more than 45 days in any one calendar year or for a certain continuous time.

14.   If a student is receiving treatment in the hospital for a period of more than 45 days in any one calendar year or a certain continuous period, the Vice Chancellor may determine whether the benefits of this service shall continue to be provided to the student after consultation with the University's Panel Doctor.

15.     Payment for treatment are as follows:

     15.1  Hospital charges will be covered by this Scheme if a student is admitted to the hospital within a semester.

     15.2  If a student is admitted to the hospital within a semester and is receiving treatment continuously until after the end of the semester, the student may continue to receive the benefits of this service provided that the total period does not exceed the limit of 45 days as stated in paragraph 13 above.

16.   If a student is admitted to a Private Hospital in an emergency situation (such as after an accident) because it was near the hospital, this Scheme will bear the fees incurred by the hospital for emergency treatment only.



17.   If a student chooses to be treated at a Private Hospital or a Private Clinic, or a higher than the Second Class Ward in a Government Hospital, then all costs for treatment and the like shall be borne by the student.



18.  If a student falls ill within a semester while being outside of the area due to a course related activity (for example, when conducting a field trip), the student may receive outpatient or inpatient treatment at the nearest Government Hospital and the expenses will be reimbursed by this Scheme. Guarantee letter from the Head of Department and receipts should be presented when making a claim.



19.   A student recently diagnosed with a chronic disease during his study term, will initially be given treatment under this Scheme for a period of not more than 60 days. After this period the Vice Chancellor will determine whether the benefits of this Scheme shall continue to be given to the student based on the report by the University's Panel Doctor.

19A. A student who has been diagnosed with a chronic disease before commencing his/her study, this Scheme will not bear the cost of such treatment.



20.  Any case which requires referral to a specialist will be submitted to the University's Panel Doctor to any specialist in a Government Hospital or a University Hospital. No case shall be referred to other specialist except for specific reasons with prior approval from the Vice Chancellor.



21.  Subject to other provisions in this Scheme, the expenses covered by this Scheme include fees for check-up, consultation, treatment, medication, surgery and injection (including injections to prevent illness) provided or recommended by the University's Panel Doctor and all the Hospital fees.

22.   This Scheme shall not be held liable for the following expenses:

     22.1 fees for check-up, consultation, treatment, medication, surgery and the like which are related to or arising from pregnancy or childbirth;

     22.2 consultation, tools and medication fees for family planning; and

     22.3 medical and surgical devices such as denture, eyeglasses, hearing aid, crutch, orthopedic devices and other tools of its kind.



23.   The Registrar will send each candidate who receives an offer of admission to the University a special form to be used by an external doctor to record information regarding the health of the candidate. The completed form must be returned to the Registrar to be handed over to the University's Panel Doctor who will decide whether the candidate needs further medical observation based on the information given.

24.   An individual who has been accepted by the University as a 'medical suspect' will be included in this Scheme if the University's Panel Doctor considers that the student needs constant medical observation for a period not exceeding six months. If the observation is still required after the end of the six-month period, the student will be referred back to the Government Hospital before a decision is taken on the matter of whether the benefit of this Scheme shall continue to be provided for the student.



25.  The University's Panel Doctor will conduct medical examinations including X-ray of a student at any time if deemed necessary.



26.  In any exceptional cases not included in the provisions above, the Vice Chancellor shall make a decision after consulting the University's Panel Doctor if he/she considers it necessary.




        Eligibility Requirements has the same requirements as the Medical Health Scheme.

        i) Facilities

         Dental treatment facilities is a type of treatment which is fixed and provided according to the schedule set by the University.

       ii) Liability of Treatment

 Students may get a dental treatment at the limit of RM60.00 per treatment. Any excess of the prescribed limit shall be borne by the student him/herself.

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