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1. Budget Management
2. Personnel Management
3. Procurement Management
4. Asset Management & Inventory
5. Quality management
6. Key Performance Indicator Reporting (KPI)
7. Coordination and recording of training
8. Publication of PKU Bulletin
9. Provision of Annual Report
10. Webmaster PKU
11. Management of PTKM and PKKP programs in accordance with the annual calendar
12. Membership of Malaysian Health Council (MAKESUM)
Medical Unit
Medical Unit
1. Outpatient Services
2. Emergency Services
3. Pharmacy Services
4. Medical Laboratory Services
5. Clinic Rehabilitation & Wellness Services
6. Sterilization management of medical devices
7. Ambulance Service
8. Student Program Management (U3P)
9. Case referral management to the Hospital
10. The provision of student guarantee letters
11. Medical equipment services
Hemodialysis Unit
Hemodialysis Unit
1. Management of Haemodialysis patients
2. Emergency Management of Haemodialysis patients
3. Management of hemodynamic patient registration with (CKAP)
4. Haemodialysis water treatment management
5. Maintenance of Haemodialysis machines
Public Health Unit
Public Health Unit
1. Management of Cafeteria & Food monitoring
2. Management and monitoring of cases of infectious diseases
3. Notification of case to District Health Office
4. Occupational health and safety management
5. Health care Taska USIM
6. Solid waste management / solid waste management
7. Coordination of health activities in collaboration with external departments
8. Coordination of health activities of USIM residents
Dental Unit
Dental Unit
1. Dental treatment management
2. Management of dental cases
3. Program management for dental learning and teaching
4. Management of dental sterilization devices
5. Dental examination service at USIM Taska
Financial Sponsorship Unit
Financial Sponsorship Unit
1. Enterprise Account income generating management
2. Spa and Complementary Services