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In the early stages of PKU, the Student Health Unit (UKP) was named. The UKP began operating under the Student Affairs Division at the end of 2006 with the strength of 2 nurses operating in the Building while the BHEP is now the Security Department. In 2007, UKP moved to the Student Facilities Center (CPP) which is now the office of the CORPORATE UNITED CBOs with an increase of 4 staff including a Medical Officer, Assistant Medical Officer, Assistant Pharmacist and Health Care Assistant. Subsequently in 2008 up to now, UKP operates at the Student Affairs Complex.

In the early stages, the services provided are out-patient, oncall, emergency and standby only to the students. Subsequently in 2009, clinical surgery was enhanced with the use of the E-Clinical System as a Clinical Operations Management System. The Haemodialysis Service was established and commenced operations in July 2010 with 2 patients and one staff member. The scope of the service is further expanded with the establishment of the Dental Service with the strength of staff from the Dental Faculty. In 2013, the Dental Service operates fully in the presence of a Dental Officer.

In 2014, UKP expanded its operations by providing a “Wellness Clinic” service consisting of Gymnasium and Rehabilitation and the scope of services expanded to staff and dependents.

UKP Financial Management has been structured with the Establishment of Student Health Trust Funds beginning July 2013. In line with this rapid development beginning January 1, 2015, UKP has evolved from the status of a unit to a Center for Responsibility (PTJ) and is known as the University Health Center.